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Skip the Lines at Curacao's Customs and Immigration Clearance

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There is good news for those that like to skip the long lines at Curacao's customs and immigration clearance when arriving at Curacao Airport. You can easily do so by completing the online Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) program.

Update: Please note that as of October 1st, 2019, Curaçao's immigration card will be exclusively digital and the physical card will no longer be available.

The Digital Immigration Card is a mandatory form for all foreign travelers to clear immigration in Curaçao, also for children!

Curacao has introduced eGates and online services designed to speed up the airport arrival process, reduce waiting time at Customs and Immigration.

Curacao eGates

Curacao introduced an online Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) program in December 2015. The programs give visitors the option of digitally filling out the required ED card before stepping foot on the island.

The online application requires information from a passport, name and birthdate, port of embarkation, home address, purpose of the visit, how the reservation was made, length of stay and accommodation selected.

Online ED Card

The form must be completed 1 hour before departing to Curacao. After completing the form submit the form by clicking on the ‘save’ button.

Confirmation is sent to the provided email address. If possible, visitors are advised to print out the online application so that they can hand the confirmation to the immigration officer upon arrival.

All foreign visitors arriving in Curacao are required to have a completed ED Card for immigration clearance.

The online International ED card will be in sync with the Border Management System of the Immigration Department in Curacao.

Upon arrival, the border control officer will scan your passport and will be notified that your card has been processed online in the secured Border Management System.

The paper version of the ED Card will be still available for guests who prefer to fill out the form during their flight to Curacao.

Please note that the airport eGates may only be used by those with either an EU, US or Canadian passport with chips that are 18 years and older. Families traveling with children younger than 18 years are directed to the Immigration officer queue upon arrival in Curacao.

In case you are from the US and you are travelling back through either Miami or JFK, you might also like to read our blog post Skip the Lines at U.S. Customs when travelling back from Curacao.

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