Curacao Currency - Let's Talk Money!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

One of the most asked questions we get from guests is should we bring USD for our upcoming trip to Curacao or should we use a bank machine to withdraw local currency when we are there?

Read along to get the best Curacao money tips!


Curacao's official currency is the Netherlands Antilles Guilder (ANG). Exchange rates may slightly vary at restaurants and stores, but the ANG is pegged to the US Dollar and worth about 56¢. In other words, 1 ANG = $0.56 and $1 = 1.79 ANG.

Most prices in Curacao are listed only in the local currency ANG. Travelers Checks and most major credit cards are accepted on Curacao but small establishments in rural areas may require cash, and some may insist on local currency. Always carry enough cash for snacks and tips.

Curacao currency