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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Curacao

Many beaches, restaurants, and even supermarkets offer free wifi as well. Below you will find a listing of locations that offer free Wi-Fi on Curacao.

wifi curacao

There's nothing worse than returning from a vacation and weeks later receiving a hefty cell phone bill resulting from the data you used texting selfies to your friends. Almost every carrier has some sort of international plan, and, if they don't, then you'll need to consider other options.

Free WiFi open hotspots are more and more common everywhere, also here in Curacao, so if you can leave your phone on airplane mode and do what you need to, then that's the cheapest option.

There’s even free WiFi all around the capital of Willemstad! Both in Punda and Otra Banda, you can surf the net for free. The network is conveniently called ‘Curaçao Free WiFi’. There’s a few hick-ups here and there depending on where you’re standing in the city, but all in all it works fine.


  • Blue Bay

  • Cabana Beach Club

  • Cas Abou Beach

  • Daaibooi

  • Jan Thiel Beach Club

  • Kokomo

  • Mambo Beach

  • Papagayo

  • Piscadera Bay/Pirate Bay

  • Playa Lagun

  • Sea Aquarium

  • Wet & Wild Beach Club

  • Zanzibar

Bars, Restaurants & Cafes

  • Beanberry

  • Bella Italia

  • Boost

  • Burger King

  • Chindy's

  • Chitchat Cafe, Mensingh

  • Chopstix

  • Cristal

  • De kleine wereld

  • De Tropen

  • Dutch Treat

  • Eetbar Op=Op

  • Eetcafe De Buren

  • Espetada House

  • Fusions

  • Ginger

  • Karakter

  • La Bahia

  • McDonalds

  • Miles Jazz Cafe

  • Mundo Bizarro

  • Omundo

  • Pizzahut (St. Maria)

  • Plaza Terrace

  • Plein Cafe Wilhelmina

  • Riffort Bar

  • Roadside Cafe

  • Sai Kung

  • Saint Tropez

  • Scampi's

  • Sopranos Piano Bar

  • Starbucks Renaissance Hotel

  • Subway

  • Tony Romas

  • Viennna


  • Albert Heijn Supermarket

  • Mangusa Hypermarket

  • Vreugdenhil

  • Centrum Mahaai

Other Locations

  • ABC bus

  • All Together Carwash

  • Building Depot

  • Dushi Taxi

  • Goisco

  • Hato Airport

  • Kooiman

  • Otrobanda

  • Punda

  • Sambil

  • Zuikertuin Mall

Contrary to most hotels, your vacation rental Villa Seashell offers complimentary free Wi-Fi connection to all its guests at the villa.

Please comment if you are aware of more locations and will modify our listing.

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