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4 Handy Tips on Credit Cards, Gas Stations, Internet, and Cell Phones in Curacao

Is it the first time you visit Curacao? Make sure you read our 4 handy tips!

Curacao tips

Not everything is the same in Curacao as at home. Herewith some useful tips:

  • Credit cards are accepted at most Curacao supermarkets and restaurants. Check the transaction fee for your credit card before you leave on vacation. Apparently some cards charge 7% for foreign transactions! It may be worthwhile to get a Bank of America credit card. It has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, 0% APR for the first year and provides travel rewards at a 1.5 dollar rate.

  • Gas stations do not accept credit cards! Make sure you have enough dollars or Antillean guilders in cash. At the gas station first go to the counter and tell them at which filling station your car is and what type of fuel you like to have. Pay them an amount or tell them that you would like to completely fill up and like to pay after fueling.

  • In case you do not have an international internet subscription, not to worry. There are plenty of places in Curacao that offer free Wi-Fi, see Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Curacao

  • There are several rental car companies on the island that give you a free cell phone to use for local calls. If you like to call international, you can buy minutes at the local grocery shops, supermarkets, and gas stations. Check with your car rental company. Alternatively you can use voice over internet protocol (voIP) services like Skype or Voipcheap. These services are easy to install on smartphones, tablets or laptops, and you can call home whenever you have access to Wifi.

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