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Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in Curacao?

In Curacao, you do not have to worry if you can drink the tap water. The water coming from the taps is of excellent quality and is safe to drink! It is better than the drinking water you get in the US, Canada or European countries and complies with the world’s highest drinking water standards.

Drinking Water Curacao

Curacao is a dry country; there is simply not enough rain to produce drinking water. Fortunately, the country is surrounded by the Caribbean sea. Aqualectra, the utility company on Curacao, uses seawater to produce quality drinking water.

During your vacation, you do not have to buy bottled water but can drink the tap water. Aqualectra’s water is in fact that good that they sell exactly the same water in bottles. The name is “Claro, the purest water for your delight”.

The drinking water in Curacao is a lot more expensive than in other countries because it costs a lot of energy to produce pure water from seawater. It is, therefore, good not to waste any water.

The drinking water in Curacao is produced through reversed osmosis. Afterwards, the water is enhanced with minerals for health and nutrition purposes.

It is interesting to know that in the old times, Curacao’s inhabitants relied on rain for drinking water. As the population and industrial and economic development more water was needed. In 1928, the first seawater distillery for production of drinking water was put into production. Since 2006 Aqualectra also uses reverse osmosis. This is a type of filtration to make pure water.

In summary; it is perfectly safe to drink tap water on Curacao!

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