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6 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Curacao Vacation

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Vacation! Get ready to kick back, relax and savor some well deserved time away. And as you collect your camera, book, and toothbrush, don’t forget to put your favorite pair of jogging shoes in your suitcase.

Whether you reach the beach in the best condition ever or are just looking to stay healthy and active in between naps on the beach, here are 6 sure and easy tips that will keep you energized, in shape and happy during your next vacation!

Curacao Beach

1. Plan ahead when packing.

Planning and packing wisely will help you to stay in shape during your vacation. You can pack some lightweight exercise essentials but the most important is, that you don't forget your swimsuit, rash guard, water shoes, and sneakers. For more packing tips check out our blog post 8 Helpful Tips on Packing for Your Curacao Vacation.


2. Swimming is good exercise and good fun

Swimming is a great way to beat the Curacao heat, not to mention a fun way to get exercise. Swimming is one of the easiest activities in Curacao that brings numerous health benefits. For instance, one of the physical benefits it provides is working almost all of the invisible muscle groups of your body.

Staying a long time in the water will not tire you as much as an hour spent sweating it out at the gym. That's because water supports your weight, thus you will work against less resistance.

Use the pool at your vacation rental or go to the beach. The temperature of the Caribbean Sea never gets below the mid 75 F during the winter, which is nice and refreshing.

Swimming Pool Curacao

3. Take a hike in the mondi or a walk in the neighborhood

Turn those beautiful sunrises and sunsets on Curacao into an adventure for the family by heading away from your vacation rental and enjoying a hike in the mondi (nature). There are plenty of opportunities along the coast, at the national parks, or with one of the organized hiking groups such as Mondi Addiction.

Walking is not only an amazing way to stay in shape, but it is also a good way to discover the neighborhood. Start small by walking or running 10 to 15 minutes on your first day of vacation and try to build up the duration throughout your stay. Choose somewhere new in the area to visit every day. By adding 5 minutes of walking or running each day, you will not only build stronger muscles but help to shake off some pounds as well.

Mondi Running Curacao

4. Participate in a Kundalini yoga class

Participate in a Kundalini yoga class at Coral Estate Center. Kundalini yoga involves exercise, breathing, mudra's, meditation, and mantras. It is called the Yoga of consciousness. Kundalini yoga helps to keep your body and mind relaxed and to purify your consciousness of inhibiting emotional and mental patterns. It also makes your body strong, vital and flexible.

Take a big towel, a bottle of water and a swimsuit with you to 8 The Experience at Coral Estate Center. There are outside yoga classes every Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm and every Thursday from 7.30 – 9.00 am. A yoga class costs $10.

Yoga Class Curacao

Photo by: Indra Yoga en Massage Curacao (see

5. Limit Dining Out

One of the best features of a vacation rental is that you have the amenities of home, right at your fingertips. The kitchen will be the best friend of those that like to stay fit during their vacation!

Limit eating out in restaurants to just a few times to have a better control over what types of food and how many calories you are consuming. Focus on buying healthy food for snacks and meals with plenty of fresh, local vegetables and fruits and lean protein options such as local seafood.

In case you like to go out for a healthy breakfast or lunch in the weekend, or dinner on a Friday evening, try farm to table restaurant Hofi Cas Cora. All products they serve come from their own biological farm. They have excellent salads, sandwiches, fruit juices, entrees, and delicious deserts!

Hofi Cas Cora Curacao

Photo by: Hofi Cas Cora

One of the most exciting elements of travelling is enjoying local cuisine, but you can also do that at your vacation rental with a kitchen and perusing local markets, such as the floating market in Willemstad. Buy fresh ingredients for a local classic and prepare it at your vacation home. You’ll enjoy the local flavor and learn new recipes. In addition, you can keep your vacation costs reasonable. Let us know if you like us to send you healthy recipes and local shopping recommendations!

Floating Market Curacao

Photo by: Boris Kasimov (see

6. Visit the Den Paradera Garden of Dinah Veeris

Let Dinah Veeris give you a tour of her incredible gardens and teach you about the healing properties of Curacao's plants. Dinah Veeris is a local herbalist who has used the island’s medicinal plants to create the Den Paradera Garden, which means “the place where you feel at home.”

Dinah started her research for healing herbs and traditions in 1982 by interviewing elders to recover and preserve the secret knowledge of the former generations. In 1991 she started her own herb garden, where she plants herbs and other plants, which she makes into healing products.

Twice a day she guides guests through the garden and enthusiastically tells about the trees, plants, herbs and their functions, and the old traditions and customs.

Dinah's herb garden is famous in the Caribbean and is getting more well known in the US and Europe.

In her shop she sells several natural products, including soaps, herbal teas, drinks and lotions.

Dinah Veeris

Interested in staying on Curacao? Contact us for information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest Curacao vacation rentals.

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