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Curacao's Beaches .....its Best Kept Secret

To help you find your way, we have given an overview below of Curacao's most important beaches starting on the west side of the island and following the coast to the east.

The beaches in Curacao are not the long patches of sand as found on other Caribbean islands, but are rather small found in secluded inlets in between the cliffs. It's that what we particularly like about Curacao's beaches, because it gives a cozy and much more intimate feel than the long stretched beaches.

The nicest beaches with pristine white sand and excellent shore snorkelling and diving opportunities are found on the west side of the island. Although almost all beaches are sandy the water entrance at most beaches is covered with coral rubble. We therefore advice to bring water shoes to enjoy Curacao's beaches at the most.

Curacao claims to have 38 beaches in all, yet you'll certainly find more along the rough coastline of the northern coasts.

Playa Kalki

The closest beach to the very west of Curacao is Playa Kalki, a small sandy beach with a rocky water entrance, tucked away in between limestone cliffs. It is located where Go West Diving is and is used by people staying at the Kura Hulanda Lodge, which is adjacent to the beach. Playa Kalki is an attractive snorkelling and diving spot and is also suited to quiet beach tanning and swimming. Kalki means limestone in Papiamentu and refers to the limestone cliffs.

Playa Kalki has a small beach bar with drinks and food and a great view. The beach has free access and beach chairs can be rented for ANG 10 each a day.

Playa Kalki

Photo by: Mattijs T (

Knip Beach - Playa Kenepa Grandi

Knip Beach is very popular with both tourists and locals, and therefore can be crowded in the weekends. It is probably the most photographed beach in Curacao with it's stunning white sand and crystal clear blue sea. Snorkeling is excellent with an amazing array of fish, especially on the left side of the bay.

The beach has free access. There is a food place for small snacks, but this isn't always open so it is best to bring your own snacks and drinks. There are limited restroom facilities. Beach chairs can be rented for NAF 7.50 and umbrellas for NAF 20. In addition there are about 7 picnic tables with a palm leave umbrella above them. This beach doesn't have much shade. If you want to sit in the shade be sure to be early.

If you are feeling adventurous take a leap from the cliffs overlooking the water!

Playa Kenepa Grandi

Photo by: cmgramse (

Little Knip Beach - Playa Kenepa Chiki

Don't miss Kleine klip beach! It has a stunning views and very clear water with lots of fish and healthy coral to be seen on both sides of the bay.

Kleine Knip beach is very popular by local families in the weekends, who spend the whole day playing, swimming and having their barbecue. If you don't like to blend in with the locals you best go during the week because during the weekend it will be really busy.

There is local security around and a snack place which also rents beach beds. Since this place is usually only open in the weekends, it is best to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Playa Jeremi

Go here on a week day and you may have the beach to yourself. Like the other beaches on the west side of the island the water is crystal clear and the beach is simply beautiful. The sand on the beach is coarse and there are also volcanic rocks.

Other than a couple of picnic tables and some palm leave covered umbrellas, the beach doesn't have any facilities. There are a few palapas and a couple picnic tables. Bring your own cooler, snacks and drinks and you will have a perfect day on this little beach.

Playa Lagun

Between Santa Cruz and Jeremi you will find Playa Lagun, a very popular beach by locals. Everybody knows their place and they all look out for each other.

Most of the time you can see turtles at Lagun so always take your snorkeling gear. Fishermen dock their boats at the beach and go out fishing during the week. Upon return in the afternoon, the catch of the day is sold right on the beach.

School kids receive swimming lessons in the waters of Playa Lagun. On Tuesdays, there is a Yoga class on the beach in the morning and on most days you can get a massage.

Like most beaches on the island, weekdays are a lot more quiet than weekends. Playa Lagun is no different.

On weekend's tourists and locals flood to the beach to cool off from the week. The benefit of the weekend is that you get to experience true Curacao culture.

Playa Lagun

Photo by: Thomas Petersen (

Boca Santa Cruz – The beach of Captain Goodlife

You will definitely encounter Captain Goodlife when visiting Boca Santa Cruz. Many famous people have come to pay him a visit. Though it has become a little bit commercialized and now even has a restaurant, the water tours with Captain Goodlife are still a ton of fun!

For more information on Captain Goodlife, see our blog "The best of Curacao in 7 days".

Cas Abao Beach

Cas Abao Beach offers you a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees and many parasols. Cas Abao is ideal for swimmers, and its reefs a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers.

A raft for sunbathing and playing is moored off the beach. There is a bar, restaurant, showers, toilets, massage facility and dive shop. Cas Abao is open daily.

Every Saturday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm there are free Salsa lessons on the beach.

Cas Abou

Photo by: Meindert van D (

Playa Porto Mari

White sandy beach with parasols. There are showers and toilets and a bar with a large terrace.

A very suitable beach for children. Attractive snorkel and diving spot with special facilities for divers.

Porto Mari is famous for its unique double reef. Snorkelers can follow two snorkel trails that lead them past several Reef Ball clusters. The first trail can be reached from a jetty at the middle of the bay. The second trail begins at the jetty on the left side of the bay.

Playa Porto Mari

Daaibooi Beach

Daaibooi Beach is a local beach. It has a serene surrounding, and the beach has shallow water, perfect for snorkeling.

There is a bar-restaurant with fair prices. Also, there are some parasols (palapas) available. The entry to the beach is free, and renting a beach chair is possible. It can get a little bit crowded in the weekends.

Kokomo beach

Kokomo Beach

Kokomo beach is located at Vaersenbaai. A beautiful natural bay on the road to Bullenbaai.

Kokomo beach has a surfer's look with a classy touch. Kokomo opened in June 2011.

Kokomo beach is the ideal beach to enjoy a quiet day with the whole family, have a great lunch, try one of our delicious cocktails or just fall in love with the crystal clear water!!

They have lounges to relax, read a book, or just hang out with an ice cold beer.

Kokomo beach has no entrance-fee and probably has the best beach chairs on the island.

Kokomo beach is also well known in Curacao for it's full moon party

Photo by: Robin de Geus (

Cabana Beach (also known as Kontiki Beach)

This full service beach offers: water sports, dive operator Toucan Diving, shops, beach bar and a great restaurant. Kontiki beach is the place to catch your breath and get ready for your next dive. The surf is tamed by a wave breaker, making it ideal for children to play along the waterline.

Mambo Beach

It's also the nightlife beach of Curaçao. Frequently performances of artists, and a good restaurant.

Jan Thiel Beach

Lounge on the cement quays beside the large open bay, which has excellent diving and snorkeling. The beach is located in a new upscale residential area east of town. There is little sand, but children enjoy the semi-closed wading area that resembles a swimming pool.

Jan Thiel Beach

Photo by: Harjit Saggu (

Klein Curacao

One of the most spectacular and picturesque beaches in the world is found on the uninhabited island of Klein Curacao (Small Curaçao), 8 miles off the southern tip of Curacao.

This picturesque stretch of white sand is only accessible by boat and is entirely unpopulated save for some seriously gnarly shipwrecks, a quaint old lighthouse, and plenty of wildlife, including hatchling turtles (May-Aug).

A shaded food stand with tables and chairs is where lunch is served as part of the day trip.

It's a full-day's commitment but worth the 2 plus-hour rocky journey. Read more about Klein Curacao in our blog post A Day on Klein Curacao.

Klein Curacao

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