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A Romantic Curacao Getaway, the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

You'll be in the good books for a long time if you splash out on your Valentine's Day gift and book a romantic getaway to Curacao. Not sure how to make your getaway romantic? No worries, we are here to help!

We think Curacao is one of the most romantic places in the world and that being in this Caribbean paradise will take your significant other's breath away!

Curacao is romantic, relaxing, and it is a beautiful getaway experience to celebrate your love and amp up your passion for each other. The calming Caribbean atmosphere is not only good for romance, but also for your personal well-being.

What is a better gift to the one you love than to take time away to enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean, picturesque views of the landscape, and perfect weather?

You never knew Curacao is one of the most romantic places in the world, and you have no idea how to make this a romantic getaway? No worries, we're here to give you the real inside scoop. We made a 7 day romantic itinerary especially for you!

Romantic Curacao

Preparations before you leave

Before you start your romantic journey first book your flights, your stay, car rental, and make some reservations for restaurants and tours.


There are many direct flights from and to Curacao.

From the United States:

  • American Airlines, daily from Miami, and weekly from (Saturday) Charlotte NC.

  • Insel Air, daily from Miami.

  • JetBlue, tri-weekly (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) from JFK.

From Canada:

  • Air Canada, weekly (Friday) from Toronto, and weekly (Thursday) from Montreal.

  • Westjet, weekly (Sunday) from Toronto.

  • Sunwing, weekly (Sunday) from Toronto.

Make sure that you fill out your online ED Card to easily get through Curacao's customs and immigrations. See our blog post Skip the Lines at Curacao's Customs and Immigration Clearance.

Your Stay

Regarding your stay, we suggest renting a private vacation villa rather than a hotel. In a vacation villa, you will have total privacy, you will be in a secluded area, and you don't have to share amenities and facilities such as a pool with strangers.

The west side of Curacao has lots of romantic beaches and other romantic places to go to. There are several rental possibilities such as the Marazul apartments at the very west of the island, Lagoon Ocean Resort in Lagun, Villa Park Fonteyn in Fonteyn, and Coral Estate Resort which has many more luxury rental villas with a private pool.

You can also book our Villa Seashell which is located at Coral Estate. Villa Seashell is a super romantic place located oceanfront so that you can enjoy magical sunsets every evening. It has a private pool and a super cool thatched roof cabana right at the ocean. The villa has 4 bedrooms so in case you like to bring your family as well there is space enough not to be in each other's way.

You can book Villa Seashell here or send us an email with your preferred travel dates. If you let us know that it is your Valentine's Day gift, we make sure that there is a romantic surprise for you and your loved one(s)!

Curacao vacation reantal

You can print this Valentine's Day card here!

Car Rental

We highly recommend you to rent a car. It’s about 25 minutes driving to most places from the airport and that translates into a US$ 60 taxi ride…one way…also, you will like to visit different beaches and see some of the attractions and a car comes in very handy doing that. We can help you with your car rental. We have excellent contacts with D&D Car Rental a local car rental company with good prices and a great service.


Warm weather, beaches, water activities, hiking, cocktails, sightseeing, these are the things to consider when packing for a week in Curacao.

Not sure what to pack? We have an excellent blog post to help you packing, see 8 Helpful Tips on Packing for Your Curacao Vacation.


We recommend making the following reservations before your leave. You will find the links below.

Day 1 - Dinner at Restaurant Karakter (Coral Estate), reservation form.

Day 3 - Dinner at Restaurant de Gouveneur (Willemstad) ask for sitting at the balcony, email.

Day 4 - Brunch picnic basket from Restaurant Karakter (Coral Estate), best to ask while you have dinner on Day 1.

Day 4 - Boat & snorkel trip, and dinner with Captain Goodlife (Boca Santa Cruz), email.

Day 5 - 60 or 90 minutes Couples Massage at 8 The Experience (Coral Estate), email.

Day 7 - Private Chef Eveline Sipkes, email.

Day 1 - Arrival

After you got your rental car, get your necessary groceries for the week at Centrum Supermarket, which is just a small detour from the airport to your villa.

If you arrive after 8:00 PM the supermarket will be closed but you can make a stop at the Toko (minimarket) in St. Willibrordus. This is a very small shop, but it sells essentials like drinks and something to eat for breakfast. If they are closed or have nothing you like, this is not a problem because there are plenty of breakfast opportunities for the next day(s). After unpacking take a refreshing dive in the pool or run down to the beach to savor the sunset and stay for a romantic dinner with your feet in the sand at Restaurant Karakter at Coral Estate enjoying one of their fresh fish meals or tapas. If you are there during the weekend you may find a great local band at Karakter.

Make sure you ask at Restaurant Karakter if they can prepare a picnic basket with breakfast for you to pick up on Day 4.

Restaurant Karakter Curacao

Day 2 - Romance at Cas Abou beach

Pack your swimsuits, beach towels, and snorkels for a relaxing day at Curacao's most romantic beach Playa Cas Abou. And oh, don't forget to take your sunblock with you! Make sure you're early as it can be crowded and you want to grab some shade while it's available.

On your way going there, stop at the Toko in St. Willibrordus for a nice breakfast and a wonderful cup of coffee.

Cas Abao Beach is one of our favorite romantic beaches. It has a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees and many parasols. Cas Abao is ideal for swimmers, and its reefs are a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers.

The beach has a snack shack for beers and food, a shaded massage area and a dive shop to rent gear including kayaks! A raft for sunbathing and playing is moored off the beach.

If you happen to be there on a Saturday make sure you stay till 3:30 pm to learn some Caribbean moves because they will have free Salsa lesson on the beach.

Romantic Cas Abou Beach Curacao

Photo by Gail Johnson

When tired of the beach and sunshine just go back to your 'home away from home' to relax at the thatched roof hut watching the sunset.

If you are looking for a place to have dinner, go to Bistro E Lanternu, a pleasant laid back place just 15 minutes drive away. Tell Brian, the owner and cook (and good friend of us), that you are on a romantic getaway and ask him to prepare a special dinner for two.

Day 3 - Walk Willemstad hand-in-hand

Take your photo camera, hat or cap, and sunblock with you to spend an amazing day in the Caribbean's most romantic capital, Willemstad.

Park your car at the (free) Renaissance parking garage and walk over to the historic Rif Fort for an amazing breakfast at Douwe Egberts Cafe. You can choose between a Dutch, French, Italian, or special Douwe Egberts breakfast, all served with coffee or tea and fresh orange juice.

Did you know that every building in Willemstad is painted in a different color, ranging from vibrant orange and bright pink to emerald green and ocean blue? Even though Willemstad is small, there are more than 750 buildings that are national monuments. That explains why Willemstad has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walk over the Queen Emma pontoon bridge and spend the day wandering hand-in-hand through the narrow streets of Punda's historic district and visit distinctive shops, galleries, and charming cafés.

Romantic Willemstad Curacao

Visit the floating market to try some of the local fruits. If you are in for some more museums, you can visit the Maritime Museum, the Jewish Cultural Historical Museum, the Post Museum, or the Church Fort Museum.

There are lots of dinner opportunities in Willemstad. Our favorite is Restaurant De Gouveneur at the Otrobanda side of Willemstad. It has a beautiful setting and excellent food but what makes this restaurant really special are the views of the beautiful pastel colored buildings across the water and boats that travel through the Queen Emma bridge! Make sure that you have upfront reservations for the balcony.

Restaurant De Gouveneur Curacao

Day 4 - Go to Lover's Beach with Captain Goodlife

Get your picnic basket with breakfast for 2 at Restaurant Karakter and head over to Boca Santa Cruz.

Boca Santa Cruz is a quiet large sandy beach. The mangrove swamp that surrounds the beach creates cloudy water, which makes this beach less ideal for snorkeling. There are some picnic tables and other than that there are no facilities.

Why go there would you think? Well, that is because Captain Goodlife is located at Boka Santa Cruz and we think you definitely should visit him to get you to Curacao's most romantic beach!

Captain Goodlife is a busy bee that made his own paradise out of his father's vacation home from where he arranges boat trips, scuba diving trips, and snorkel trips. Besides a diving instructor, Captain Goodlife is an excellent cook. He prepares the best fresh dishes after you have enjoyed one of his boat tours.

So take your brunch picnic basket with you and head over to Let's Go Watersports where Captain Goodlife is located.

Let Captain Goodlife take you to the most wonderful secluded beach called Lover's Beach. Ask him to pick you up later to go snorkeling at the Blue Room or Mushroom Forest.

After a day on the beach and at sea, enjoy Captain Goodlife's fresh catch of the day for dinner and an amazing sunset!

Photo by Gail Johnson

Day 5 - Climb Mount Christoffel followed by a relaxed couples massage

Today you'll have to rise before 6:00 am and have breakfast at the villa since nothing will be open this time of the day.

It's time to get active and climb Curacao's highest mountain, Mount Christoffel. Don't worry, it's only 1,240 ft high and it is not very hard to climb.

Mount Christoffel, Curacao

It gives you a very nice view over the island. There are two starting points to climb the Christoffel. You can either do the long hike starting at the visitor center, or you can start at the parking-place near the foot of the hill. The latter can also be reached by car by taking a shortcut, called the route of the mountaineers.

At a slow pace it will take you about half an hour to reach the parking-place from the visitors center. From there you'll need another hour to reach the summit. Back and forth will take about three hours.

Start as early as possible to avoid the heat. Bring enough water and make sure you wear decent walking shoes!

Have lunch at Restaurant Trio Penotti which is located next to the park's entrance. It's an excellent restaurant rated #3 of Curacao's 218 restaurants on TripAdvisor.

Trio Penotti Curacao

If you still have some energy left after lunch, stop at the Museum Savonet, the former plantation house, called landhuis, of the Savonet plantation.

The museum will give you information and a peak into the lives of the former inhabitants of the area, starting with the first Arawak Indians who came to the island almost 4000 years ago, and continuing into modern history.

Savonet Museum Christoffel, Curacao

Drive back to your villa and get ready for your romantic couples massage at 8 The Experience, located at Coral Estate Center. We are sure you feel like you deserved a massage after climbing Mount Christoffel!

Besides massages, 8 The Experience offers a forest steam room, an igloo, a sahara sauna, an outdoor meditation pool, 2 cliff side jacuzzis, a deck with lounge beds, and a bar with juice and coffee. So take your time and relax!

8 The Experience, Curacao

We recommend you stay at Coral Estate Center after your relaxing treatment at 8 The experience and go to Koraal Rooftop. Here you can have excellent cocktails and a wonderful dinner while enjoying Curacao's sunset, which never gets bored!

Day 6 - Start your day with a treat and then relax at Playa Porto Mari

Are you in for starting your day with a treat? Drive over to Landhuis Daniel to have yummy Dutch pancakes for breakfast.

Restaurant Daniel has a pleasant outdoor seating area with fans above that keep you cool while ordering. Check out the small farming and bird feeders with many of Curacao's Yellow Orioles while waiting.

Restaurant Daniel has a fast variety of pancakes ranging from pancakes with brie, honey, and walnut, to simple pancakes with honey or sugar. Everywhere on the island, you find a different interpretation of pancakes but the ones at Daniel’s are right at the top. They are a bit of a cross between pancakes and crepes, taking up a wide plate.

Landhuis Daniel, Curacao

Stop at the Jan Kok salt lakes on your way back from Restaurant Daniel to take some pictures of the beautiful pink flamingos that call these lakes their home.

Photo by Gail Johnson

You have your swimsuits, beach towels, snorkels, and sunscreen in the car right? Not? ....No worries, Playa Porto Marie is just a short drive away from Coral Estate. You can easily get everything you need and drive down to the beach.

Playa Porto Mari is a beautiful white sandy beach with loungers and sunshades. There is also a good restaurant with a bar and a large terrace. In other words, it's an excellent place to spend the rest of your day!

Get your snorkels out and jump into the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Porto Mari has two snorkel trails that you can follow, which lead past several Reef Ball clusters. You can reach the first trail from the jetty in the middle of the bay. The second trail begins at the jetty on the left side of the bay.

For dinner, we recommend you are going to enjoy some of Curacao's nightlife or at least have dinner with nice life music in Willemstad. There are plenty of possibilities such as dining at the historic Rif Fort or in Pietermaai District. We recommend you check out our blog post Curacao's Amazing Nightlife, You Need To Know It All! to see what suits you best.

Day 7 - The rest of the west, closing with your own Private Chef

It's your last day here and there is still a lot to see on the west side of the island. Have breakfast at the villa, take your swim stuff, sunblock, caps and lots of water, then hit the road in the direction of Westpunt.

You start at Shete Boka National Park which is located on Curacao's north coast. It's an absolutely amazing place with breathtaking views.

There's a small fee to enter the park (US$ 5.50 p.p.) but it is well worth it. You can also buy a brochure with a map. The three bokas (coves) to visit are the sea cave at Boka Tabla, Boka Pistol with its crashing powerful waves, and Boka Wandomi with its very impressive landscape. You'll want to carry water with you as you explore the area as there is little shelter from the sun.

Shete Boka, Curacao

When you leave Shete Boka, turn right out of the exit. Follow the road until you see signs for Playa Kenepa, also known as Grote Knip and Playa Abou. It's a free public beach. The overlook is breathtaking, and the water calm and clear. If you are adventurous, there are a couple of spots to jump off the stone cliffs. Just be careful! The best snorkeling is at the wall on the left side. There's also Landhuis Knip to visit if time and interest allow.

Romantic Curacao

For lunch, you can backtrack a little on the main road, watch closely for signs to Lodge Kura Hulanda right after you pass through the wooded valley area, and then turn left at the ball field to find your way to Sol Food. You'll get a great lunch and some friendly local advice from Sunshine. Note: they're only open Friday-Sunday.

After lunch head back towards Knip Beach and look for signs for Lagun Beach, which is a smaller beach but a great spot to snorkel. If you be there between 4:00 and 5:00 PM there is a great chance that you see turtles. Around this time the fishermen return and they always feed their leftovers to the turtles.

Playa Lagun, Curacao

Drive back to Coral Estate and get ready to meet with your Private Chef Eveline Sipkes. She will prepare you the most delicious dinner! Do you like to know more about her? Make sure you check out our blog post Private Chef at Curacao Vacation Rentals.

Eveline Sipkes, romantic vacation Curacao

Well, what do you think, is Curacao a romantic place to go to?

Of course, there are many more possibilities to have a romantic vacation on Curacao. Other considerations may be a sunset boat trip, a visit to Klein Curacao, or a kiss from a dolphin at Curacao's Sea Aquarium.

We hope our romantic itinerary has helped in planning your romantic vacation!


Interested in staying with us? Contact us for information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest Curacao vacation rentals.


Curacao vacation rentals

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