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5 Reasons why Curacao is the Best Caribbean Destination for Your Next Vacation

1. Curacao has the best weather and therefore is the best Caribbean destination

Why take a chance with the weather on your next vacation? Have you ever booked a tropical vacation, only to have it ruined by rain or storms?

Florida and the northern Caribbean face a real risk each year of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Curacao is one of the few places that have great weather year round: sunny, dry, with refreshing trade winds.

Curacao is located outside the hurricane belt, so you can book summer & fall vacations without the worry of your vacation being ruined by a hurricane or tropical storm.

For more information on Curacao weather check our special weather page.

2. Curacao has a strong local influence and therefore is the best Caribbean destination

Curacao has it's own vibes. It is the Dutch Caribbean. Historic and European while very African too.

It is not Americanized like Aruba, the Bahamas or the Grand Turks. It is a tourist destination for cruise ships and others, but only about 4% of its tourists come from America; it is not all chains and new and shiny and hollow. There are no endless miles of beaches, but secluded coves. Tourists can easily mix with the locals, who are kind and friendly.

3. Curacao has the most beautiful capital, Willemstad, of the Caribbean and therefore is the best Caribbean destination

Picture an Amsterdam street, with narrow buildings along a canal. Now redecorate in rainbow colors, and you have an idea of what Willemstad is like. Curacao's capital is a fascinating town with centuries of history, first class photo ops, and a charmingly odd pontoon footbridge that hinges open to let boats through.

Willemstad is a place where you're comfortable wandering around on your own for shopping and sightseeing.

4. Curacao's beaches are its best-kept secret and therefore is the best Caribbean destination

The beaches are not the long patches of sand found on other islands, but rather smaller, more intimate beaches found in secluded inlets. The nicest beaches are found at the west side of the island.

The island claims to have 38 beaches in all, yet you'll certainly find more along the secluded and rough coastlines of the eastern and northern coasts.

5. Curacao is constantly ranked among the world’s best diving spots, and therefore is the best Caribbean destination

While so many diving destinations require boat trips out to barrier reefs, almost all of the diving & snorkeling on Curaçao is easily accessed from beaches. Enjoy more than 60 dive sites, underwater visibility to 100 feet, mild currents, lush coral gardens, and wall, wreck, and shore dive options.

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