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50 Things you Don't Know about Curacao if You Don't Read This

Read on if you would like to learn everything about Curacao!

Photos by (clockwise): Unknown, Mathew T Rader Texas Wedding Photographer, TheSeaval, WisDoc

  1. Did you know that Curacao is one of the ABC islands

  2. Did you know that although Curacao is the neighbor island of Aruba, it is totally different, much more diverse and adventurous?

  3. Did you know that Curacao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands?

  4. Did you know that Curacao is located outside the hurricane belt?

  5. Did you know the allies would not have won WWII without the oil from the Curacao refinery?

  6. Did you know that flamingos make their homes near ponds or in coastal areas in Curacao?

  7. Did you know that the water in Curacao comes from a modern desalination plant and is perfectly safe and clean to drink?

  8. Did you know that your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Curacao?

  9. Did you know that the capital of Curacao; Willemstad is one of the six World Heritage Sites in the Caribbean?

  10. Did you know that the Queen Emma pontoon Bridge in Willemstad is called "the swinging lady"?

  11. Did you know that the then-American consul built the Queen Emma pontoon bridge in the 19th century?

  12. Did you know that nowadays Fort Amsterdam in Willemstad serves as the seat of the Curacao government?

  13. Did you know that Landhuis Santa Martha is one of the oldest and largest plantation houses on Curacao, built at the end of the 17th century?

  14. Did you know that museum Kurá Hulanda in Willemstad is one of the most unusual and largest museums in the Caribbean?

  15. Did you know that museum Savonet is Curacao’s newest museum, located in the heart of the Christoffel National Park?

  16. Did you know that Curacao has a Post Museum, located in Punda's oldest standing building, dating from 1693?

  17. Did you know that Curacao claims to have 38 beaches, yet you will certainly find more along the secluded and rough northern coast?

  18. Did you know that the best time and place to see turtles in Curacao is at Playa Lagun is around 4 PM?

  19. Did you know that our favorite swimming & snorkeling place is the Blue Room close to Santa Cruz?

  20. Did you know that the restaurant at Playa Porto Mari serves the best Indonesian-style bami noodles?

  21. Did you know they have a special Dutch snacks at Daaibooi Beach?

  22. Did you know Kokomo is famous for their big beach parties, like Woodstock, and the monthly Full moon parties?

  23. Did you know that if you walk to the west side at Klein Curacao you find the most beautiful seashells?

  24. Did you know that while so many diving & snorkeling destinations require boat trips out to barrier reefs, almost all of the diving & snorkeling in Curacao is easily accessed from beaches?

  25. Did you know that due to the abundance of marine life, night dives are particularly rewarding in Curacao?

  26. Did you know that sea life in Curacao tends to be better at the east side of a bay?

  27. Did you know you should not consider getting in the water on the windward side of the island?

  28. Did you know that the tugboat is a well-preserved wreck sitting upright with some corals and sponges growing on it and fish swimming around it?

  29. Did you know that with a height of 1240 foot, Mount Christoffel is the highest mountain in Curacao?

  30. Did you know that Shete Boka Park has 10 pocket beaches where 3 species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs?

  31. Did you know you could ride an ostrich in Curacao?

  32. Did you know that Aloe Vera is famous for its medicinal effects and that Curacao has an Aloe Vera plantation?

  33. Did you know that the Dolphins used in Curacao's Seaquarium’s programs were captured from the wild as a result of loopholes in protection of wild species from international trade?

  34. Did you know that Chichi® represents the smart, strong, happy and caring elder sister everyone deserves?

  35. Did you know that most organized trips on Curacao don't follow surfaced roads, but take you along narrow off-road tracks you will not easily discover yourself?

  36. Did you know that while hiking, you would experience that Curacao has many faces, as vegetation and landscapes are constantly changing?

  37. Did you know that kite surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world and that you can do this in Curacao?

  38. Did you know that you don't need a lesson to ride a SUP and that you can do a fantastic tour with SUP Curacao?

  39. Did you know that Windsurfing Curacao has specialized beginner equipment that will get you going in less the one hour!

  40. Did you know that most shops in Curacao are open from Monday till Saturday from 8.30 AM – 12.00 PM and 2.00 PM – 6.00 PM?

  41. Did you know that you could find a wonderful selection of European clothing, French perfumes, Japanese electronics, Irish crystal, English china, fine Italian leathers, Chinese embroidered linen tablecloths, and Indonesian batik clothing and accessories in Willemstad Curacao?

  42. Did you know that the Venezuelan merchants live aboard their wooden boats and have created their own little Venezuelan community within Willemstad Curacao?

  43. Did you know that you can find the nicest handmade souvenirs at Mon Art, a small shop in the Riffort in Willemstad Curacao?

  44. Did you know you should really try the banana soup at Restaurant De Gouveneur in Willemstad Curacao?

  45. Did you know that Mundo Bizarro is a weird and wonderful eatery and cafe, at the corner of the newly renovated colonial quarter Pietermaai in Willemstad?

  46. Did you also know that if you want to eat fresh fish at a good price with your feet in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, you must be sure to visit Sea Side Terrace in Curacao?

  47. Did you know that Curacao's nightlife works on a timeshare system, each club has its unofficial night when crowds gather under its roof and fun lasts long into the early morning hours?

  48. Did you know Curacao has more than 10 casinos?

  49. Did you know that Villa Seashell is a very popular oceanfront vacation rental villa, with private pool, suitable for max. 8 persons?

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