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The Very Best Way to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Curacao

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

New Years Eve 2017, with tips on parking, dinner, entertainment, fireworks and parties.

If there is one evening I will miss because I can't be in Curacao this year, it will be New Year's Eve.

New Years Eve is really fun in the downtown area of Otrobanda. Lots of people will gather at the Brionplein, the large plaza close to the floating bridge, at the west part of Willemstad.


Head to town in the late afternoon or early evening. If you are staying at the west side of the island it is best to park your car somewhere in between the Renaissance and the hospital. This to make sure you can easily leave when you like to go home. There will be plenty of parking spaces at that time of the evening.

New Year's Eve Curacao

Photo credit: Gail Johnson


You have to make upfront dinner reservations for New Year's Eve. It is best to do that in Punda or Otrobanda so that after dinner you can just walk over to the Brionplein in Otrobanda.

Entertainment & Fireworks & Parties

Local bands will play their music and people will dance. Local families and friends, will be bringing coolers with drinks and something to eat, and will gather and party around the Brionplein and floating bridge.

We always enjoyed that because you drink what you like and meet many people from all over, watch others celebrating New Year's Eve, and dance till the clock strikes midnight and fireworks light up the sky.

The fireworks are really beautiful and spectacular, but can be loud too. If you don't like that it is better not to go downtown.

There will be New Year's Eve parties in most hotels close by and other locations in that area.

At the Renaissance Resort & Casino there will be a New Years Eve Let us take you back to the Good Old “70s and 80s” countdown with dinner and dancing to the tunes of Elton Lispier and the Infinity Beach Club Late party – 11:30pm to 02:00am

Going back

Not being the age of a party animal anymore we would usually stroll back to our car and drive back after 1:00 AM.

The first year we lived in Curacao we parked our car in the Renaissance-parking garage, but it took us almost 2 hours to get out. So don't do that, make sure you park at the hospital side of the roundabout. It is better to walk a little further from your car to the restaurant or Brionplein rather than being stuck in traffic after midnight.

Roads will be okay and safety will not be a problem no matter what time you head back.

January 1st

On January 1st, it will be quieter. Apart from some Chinese owned small supermarkets, all other shops will be closed. Unless a cruise ship is in town, all shops downtown will be closed. Local families will head to the beaches that day, so the beaches will be somewhat crowded. Restaurants are usually open during January 1st.

Fireworks / Pagaras

If you really like loud fireworks you may like to visit the fireworks shows or pagaras, which will start just after Christmas. The pagaras are very loud and busy, but a lot of fun to watch.

You can go to the biggest end of the year party, the Pagara Party XXL in the Pietermaai Small area. There will be live music and plenty of food and drinks

The XXL Pagara Party Pietermaai District on December 31, 2017 starts at noon, at several places in Pietermaai District. Where do you have to be at what time? See Pietermaai's Facebook Page for more information. Between 02:00 – 03:00PM they will start the biggest pagara of the island in front of Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites.

Photo credit: Gail Johnson

The schedule of the 2017 Pagaras and Fireworks is not yet known. As soon as we have more information we will update this post. The 2016 schedule looked like this:

  • Dec 17, 8:00 PM - Bandabou

  • Dec 17, 10:00 PM - Jan Doret

  • Dec 21, 0:00 AM - Landhuis Jan Thiel

  • Dec 28, 7:30 PM - Natural Care Zeelandia

  • Dec 28, 10:00 PM - Klapchi dot com

  • Dec 29, 10:00 PM - DC ANSP Mahuma

  • Dec 29, 10:00 PM - Broederliefde Marichi

  • Dec 30, 7:30 PM - Rooi Catoochi

  • Dec 30, 8:00 PM - Kooyman Mega Store

  • Dec 30, 8:30 PM - Banco di Caribe

  • Dec 30, 10:00 PM - Grill King Marichi

  • Dec 30, 2:00 AM - Kokomo Beach

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - St. Barbara Beach

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Jan Sofat

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Seru Boca Estate

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Avila Beach Hotel

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Marie Pampoen

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Baoase

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Kas di Kulrura

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Schelpwijk

  • Dec 31, 0:00 AM - Brakkeput

Get your own fireworks

You may also like to buy your own fireworks. After Christmas, there will be containers along the roads with a sign reading "Vuurwerk" or "Klapchi". Here you can buy all kind of fireworks from harmless ones for kids to very loud or spectacular ones.

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