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Curacao Weather - Do You Make These 5 Wrong Assumptions?

Curacao is THE VERY BEST CARIBBEAN destination weatherwise!

Unfortunately, many people that vacation in the Caribbean often believe that the weather is the same all over the Caribbean. How this assumption came about is anyone’s guess. In addition, the forecasts from US weather stations about Caribbean vacation destinations are often inaccurate.

Believing this sort of misinformation leads to taking a chance with the weather when choosing a destination, or having a fear about bad weather upfront when choosing Curacao as your vacation destination.

Curacao weather

Here are five of the most common assumptions regarding the weather in Curacao that are just plain wrong.

Assumption #1 - I should not go to Curacao during the hurricane season.

WRONG! The hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1 through November 30. Many people shy away from the Caribbean during this season, but you may be surprised to know that not all areas are affected equally. Southern areas like the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are rarely affected because hurricanes tend to travel away from the equator.

The 2017 hurricane season with Jose, Irma, Maria, an Nate, caused unprecedented levels of destruction across the Caribbean. Thousands of tourists stranded in Florida, the British Virgins, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, St. Martin, Antigua, Dominica, Panama, and Puerto Rico, without power, water, phone service or other conveniences as they tried to figure out a way to get out of the area.

The Dow Jones Island Index ranked Curacao as the Caribbean island least likely to be hit by a hurricane, so you can book summer & fall vacations without the worry of your vacation being ruined by a hurricane or tropical storm.

Hurricane belt, Curacao weather not affected

Assumption #2 - I am afraid the weather in Curacao is cool in the winter

WRONG! Curacao has ideal vacation temperatures whole year round. The coldest month is January with an average daylight temperature of 85°F and the warmest month is September with an average daylight temperature of 91°F. The year's average daylight temperature is 88°F and average night temperature is 78°F.

Curacao is located in the very south of the Caribbean and the weather is not affected by any cold fronts.

Florida, the Bahamas, Cuba, Cancun, and even the Turks and Caicos islands are all far enough north to receive cool rainy weather in the winter.

Curacao weather anual average temperature

Assumption #3 - The ocean will be too cold for me to swim when I am in Curacao in the winter

WRONG! Ocean temperatures around Curacao never get below the mid 70's F during the winter which is nice and refreshing. If you like to scuba dive and easily get chilly, you probably like to wear a 3mm wetsuit in the winter.

Curacao weather average ocean temperature

Assumption #4 - It will be steadily raining during my Curacao vacation, as the weather forecast shows rain every day.

WRONG! It may rain some days from September till mid February, but the rain showers are usually very scattered and just last about 5 minutes during the night or morning hours. These type of showers definitely won't ruin your vacation!

Curacao weather total rain fall

The North American weather stations usually only show the rain and cloud symbols, but do not explain if the rain is expected to be significant or not. For better information on the Curacao weather, you should have a look at the local weather station: the Meteorological Department Curacao.

Assumption #5 - It will be too hot for me during the summer because Curacao is even further south than Florida.

WRONG! Of course, it is true that Curacao is more south than Florida, but the big difference is that there is no high humidity in Curacao and the trade winds are always blowing in the summer. Because of this, the apparent air temperature in Curacao is much lower than the apparent temperature in for instance, Florida.

The Curacao trade winds result in a major wind chill, which makes the average summer daylight temperature of 90°F much more comfortable.

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Curacao vacation rentals

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