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Top 5 Curacao Water Activities For Children

To help you find your way in Curacao's water activities for children, we have listed the top 5 water activities that our kids enjoyed most.

Taking your children on their first-ever boat ride, building sand castles, search for seashells, learn to surf, frolic in the water, simply run around on the beach until you can't any longer....., or meeting local children, it’s simple adventures like these that make Curacao such a great island for families.

Curacao kids activities

Water is going to be easy to find on your Caribbean family vacation in Curacao. The question is how to spend your time on and in the water. Curacao is among the best islands for water activities in the Caribbean and provides as many solutions to that question as you can think of.

Want to relax and enjoy the waters with your children? Consider fishing, paddleboarding, or kayaking. For those that feel more adventurous, enjoy jet skis, parasailing, and kiteboarding in clear Caribbean waters, all year-round. For more information on these activities, read Top 10 tips for water activities in Curacao.

And for those looking for the optimal Caribbean family vacation experience, there's no better way to explore Curacao than diving and snorkeling. With some of the most exciting dive sites and snorkeling sites in the Caribbean, visitors come from all over the world to enjoy Curacao. Whether you're looking to swim with the beautiful wildlife or explore a sunken ship, Curacao offers the best of the Caribbean, see Diving and Snorkeling in Curacao.

Curacao children snorkelling

We visited Curacao at least twice a year from the time that our two daughters were born and moved to the island when they were 8 and 10 years old. Our girls learned to comfortably use their snorkels in the bathtub when they were 3 years old. They loved to watch the colorful fish in the shallow water of the Caribbean Sea from that age on.

The best beaches to snorkel with little kids are Porto Mari, Cas Abou, and Lagun. See our blog post Curacao's Beaches ....its best kept secret for more information on these beaches.

1. Learn How To Windsurf In One Day

Anyone older than 6, who can swim, can learn to windsurf in Curacao in one day.

Windsurfing Curacao has excellent instructors and equipment for beginners.

You'll start your lesson on a simulator; a windsurf board with wheels centered on a platform, where you can practice the moves without being on the water. Here you will learn how to balance, how to get the sail up, and learn the names associated with windsurfing.

You will be in the water in no time, using a beginners set-up; a huge board with a small sail, where you will learn how to turn.

Keep in mind that it is a fun experience and wonderful water activity for children to be able to learn to surf in one day, but that it will take a few times for them to be proficient, and many times to master. You will see kids there surfing with high speed, jumping and spinning, ramping of waves and you think, "How the heck do you do that?"

Curacao kids windsurfing

2. Discover Klein Curacao

Take Mermaid's Boat Trip, Bounty's Adventures, or a private boat charter to the uninhabited island of Klein Curacao. Kids love the 2 hours boat ride to this bounty island. Most operators serve breakfast and a BBQ lunch and provide masks and snorkels.

Although there is not much reef/coral to see, there is a rocky reef along the shores that offers habitat for marine life. There is a good chance you'll be able to see sea turtles in the crystal clear water.

After being in the water, take a peaceful walk around the island to look at the lighthouse and shipwrecks. Tons of lizards will be along the stroll with you. Don't forget that the sun is cooking you, so take a factor 100 sunscreen before you go on a walk.

Mermaid boat trips has the best facilities on the island and also offers water activities for children such as banana tube rides. Bounty's catamaran is spectacular going there and relaxed sailing back. Our kids always loved to sail the bounty!

For more information on Klein Curacao check out our blog post A Day on Klein Curacao.

Curacao family fun

3. Try Scuba Diving

One of the most exiting kids activities is of course scuba diving. Children can get certified to become a certified Junior Open Water or Adventure diver as young as 10 years old, but even if you are not certified, scuba diving is a wonderful family activity. If no one is certified, you can still participate with the whole family in a Discover Scuba Dive…so don’t rule it out. It’s a great way to experience the underwater world of Curacao!

There are many very good dive schools in Curacao to get kids certified to scuba diving, to name a few: Divers Republic, Go West Diving, Relaxed Guided Dives

Curacao children diving

5. Be An Adventurer At The St. Joris Bay

Beside beaches, Curacao also has several larger and smaller bays on the north coast with cliffs and rock formations. Children love to explore the trails between the rocks and hunt for treasures.

At the shores of the St. Joris Bay, you will find lots of driftwood, empty bottles, ropes, and other materials that float ashore from far away to make your own float, or even build your own hut.

Curacao kids St. Joris Bay

5. Hit The Waves With Your Kids

Kayaking is a fantastic way to spend a morning on the water with children! If you have never kayaked before you can take a tour with Ryan de Jongh, see our blog post Ryan de Jongh's Kayak Experience, or with Adrenaline Tours, to learn the correct techniques. Both will not only show you the most beautiful parts of Curacao's coast but also will take you to some interesting snorkeling spots.

Once you know how to kayak, explore parts of Curacao's coast and bays with a rental kayak, which available at Divers Republic (Coral Estate), Cas Abou Beach, ProSail (Spanish Water), Captain Goodlife (Santa Cruz), and La Ola Surfclub (St. Joris Bay).

Depending on where you rent, you can beach your kayak at one of the beautiful tiny little beaches which often can be found along the shore or in the bays, and swim and play for a while, which children absolutely love. Make sure to check with the rental company, which way it is safe to go without too much current.

Most kayak rentals also have sit-on-top kayaks, which are great for kids, as there is no chance of swamping the kayak, and they are incredibly versatile when it comes to accommodating children of different ages. Younger kids can sit between their parent's legs, whether on a single or tandem kayak.

Kayaking with children

We could not possibly describe all the family fun in one blog post. Check out our future blog posts and previous blog post 5 Curacao Activities Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Any Little Kids Face for more family fun!

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Family vacation at Villa Seashell Curacao

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