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A True Home Away Vacation Rental By Owner in Curacao

We help you to find the best vacation rental by owner in Curacao.

Just like other trends, today’s family vacations have changed. Gone are the days of our parents loading up on Caribbean travel brochures, visiting the local travel agent, and finding out that one could only stay in an expensive Caribbean hotel or resort.

Curacao in the sixties

Enter 2016 and you not only find expensive hotels or resorts, but also lots of vacation rentals.

The vacation rental market has grown extensively, especially for multi-generation families and couples travelling together, who like the idea of bypassing generic hotels and resorts. Personal privacy, comfort, and the ability to enjoy vacation destinations with insider’s information from helpful owners created a whole new level of vacation experience.

A typical vacation traveller now searches online for that ideal getaway. It never has been easier to find a vacation rental and there is plenty of choices! But, with so many vacation rentals it's getting difficult for the vacation traveller to find a true Vacation Rental By Owner these days.

Villa Seashell Curacao

Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Flipkey, and Homeaway, the parent company of VRBO, all opened up their doors to property managers, since then the true "vacation rental by owner" has been harder to find. Curacao has over 500 vacation rental properties, now that makes it hard to filter through to find a Vacation Rental By Owner!

Why Stay at a Vacation Rental By Owner?

Have you rented a Vacation Rental By Owner? Or are you wondering why you should?

Well, we’re here to help you out.

Pool Villa Seashell Curacao

  1. ONE ON ONE CUSTOMER SERVICE The Vacation Rental By Owner works with the guest directly. Since most owners only have one house offered to vacationers, they aren’t busy managing dozens or hundreds of properties. You’ll receive a one on one relationship from start to finish. After all, wouldn’t you rather be a guest, not simply a client? A vacation rental homeowner has a vested interest in your vacation. They are hosting you as a guest and will go out of their way to ensure you have a pleasant stay. They want your experience to be wonderful, they would like you to return for future vacations, and they would like for you to tell others about your terrific experience at this particular vacation rental.

  2. GET THE BEST PRICE The vacation rental industry is on the move since the listing sites VRBO and HomeAway have been acquired by Expedia in December last year. Expedia has announced that they will soon start charging guests a booking fee of 6% of the rental charges. Airbnb charges guests booking fees of 6 to 12% and charges hosts a 3% commission. TripAdvisor’s Flipkey charges hosts a 3% fee and guests a booking fee ranging from 5 to 15%.

Although you can book via these listing sites, it is of course much less expensive if you can directly book with the owner. You can currently still do this without booking fees via HomeAway or VRBO, or via the owners website. By renting directly from us, the owners, we can keep our rates as low as possible for you, our guests. We, therefore, have added an online booking system to our website, which forwards you to a secure page where you can directly book and pay via credit card or PayPal.

  1. ENHANCED AMENITIES Vacation Rentals are becoming more and more popular as an ideal private and comfortable option versus hotel resorts. Vacation homeowners have invested in providing property amenities optimized for your enjoyment. Vacation homes used to simply boast linens included and hand you the key..... Gone are those days! Today’s vacation rentals are more like boutique accommodations rather than someone’s vacation home. Guest no longer expect to vacation with Aunt Mildred’s castoff furniture. Private pools, beach towels, snorkel equipment, fishing rods, and gourmet kitchen utensils resemble resort style living with home comforts. Amenities such as free WIFI are the norm.

  2. INSIDER TIPS Vacation rental owner's have Insider Tips, to help you curate and reach your vacation goals. Reputable owners have their own Insider's Guides to inform guests about the area. With tons of information on activities, things to do and local arts and culture classes that you may want to partake in. From suggesting the best snorkel spots to taking a painting class with a local artist. Homeowners are dialed in and know what events are happening on the island during your stay.

How to Search for a Vacation Rental By Owner on HomeAway

At the time of publishing:

  • HomeAway has 371 vacation rentals listed on Curacao

  • 160 are real vacation rentals by owner, that's 43%

  • Incredibly, 211 are offered by Property Management Agencies.

And the trend continues to find the elusive vacation rental property hosted by a trusted homeowner. You can filter the search options to find a vacation owner versus a property manager on the HomeAway/VRBO listing sites:

  • Enter the location you are interested in

  • Press the "More Filters" button on the menu bar (# 1 photo below). This will open a screen to refine your search.

  • Look for the Managed By "Owner" button on the lower right side of the screen (#2 photo below). From there, you can add further options like pool, waterfront, and more. This will put you in direct contact with vacation rental home owners and can drastically cut down your search time.

HomeAway Curacao

Important Tip for Your Vacation Rental Booking

Always book directly with the owner.

If you contact an owner via HomeAway you will have to pay the added fee because the owners cannot take your booking directly once you have started the inquiry process with HomeAway.

Companies such as HomeAway, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor have all indicated that they will be increasing travelers costs in the future. That’s a lot of your vacation budget that could be better spend on you and your family.

How to Directly Make a Vacation Rental Booking

You may find that searching the advertising sites makes it easy for you to select the perfect holiday home for you and your family. Once you have made the discovery of that perfect home Follow these steps to locate the owner:

  1. Run an internet search for their contact information. Many reputable owners have their own website. They also frequently have social media accounts. You can find ours here: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

  2. Call or email the owner directly or visit the owner’s website. Our contact information is, and our telephone number is +297-740-5130.

  3. If you stay at a home you love, keep the owners contact and book directly with them on your return trips.

We take pride in offering you a true Home Away Vacation Rental By Owner with real traditional hospitality and first class amenities.

Our guests enjoy the little touches that make their stay more comfortable and relaxing. Bookshelves filled with books, board games, internet service, and comfortable high end furnishings and decor. All these and more make Villa Seashell feel like your own home away from home.

And hopefully, your own private oceanside vacation house — without all the upkeep! One where you return to for vacations to come.

Interested in staying with us? Contact us for information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest Curacao vacation rentals.

Villa Seashell Curacao

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