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5 Things To Do In Curacao If You're Missing The Rain

If you are secretly missing the rain and desperately like to get wet while vacationing in Curacao, what should you do?

Have you noticed that Curacao didn't get much rain last year? Climate prediction centers continue to suggest a high likelihood that a significant El Nino will continue through the fall and winter months bringing further drought to the Caribbean.

1. Curacao is surrounded by the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, so one of the first things to do is get your snorkels and get wet by jumping in the sea.

Pick any of the 38 beaches on the south side of the island and enjoy the variety of beautiful fish the Caribbean Sea has to offer.

For more information on beaches and what to do, see our blog posts: Curacao's beaches, its best kept secret and Curacao's underwater world easily accessed from the beach.

Snorkel, Things to do in Curacao

2. Another way to get wet is visiting our north coast. While Curacao's south coast has secluded cove like golden beaches with gentle rolling waves, the north coast is something else! The north coast is rough and rocky. High waves rumble on the shores, creating magical rainbows. The best place to enjoy these huge waves is at Shete Boka National Park. For more information on things to do see our blog post The best of Curacao in 7 days, day 5.

Shete Boka, Things to do in Curacao

3. About 3 miles from Villa Seashell, you'll find Kunuku Aqua Resort. If you are tired of the Caribbean Sea visit Kunuku Aqua Resort and get wet in their large pool with a slide. If you like some more action and adrenaline, wait till December 15th, 2015 when they open their new 43 ft high, 420 ft long slide.

The pool is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. You can call them from 8 am (+5999 864 4455) to make a reservation for a day pass on that day itself.

Kunuku Aqua, Things to do in Curacao

Photo credit: Go Curacao

4. In case you are going to do some sightseeing in Willemstad, take towels with you in your car.

What to do when the hot sun burned pavement almost burns your sneakers? Well, do like these kids and get wet in the fountain at Renaissance Mall.

For more things to do in Willemstad, see our blog posts: The best of Curacao in 7 days, day 3 and Willemstad, Curacao's capital in rainbow colors.

Renaissance Mall, Things to do in Curacao

5. Did you know Curacao has a natural jacuzzi, called Suplado Crater?

It works via a blowhole in the middle of the crater which shoots wave driven spray high into the air.

You can get wet by taking a soak in the shallow, sun-heated water beside the blowhole and enjoy a close-up view of a spectacular water show.

Because the Suplado is difficult to find and requires a 4-wheel drive to get there, you best book a day tour to the north coast with Curacao Actief.

Suplado crater, Things to do in Curacao

Photo credit: Curacao Actief

If you would like to know more about the weather forecast, check the local Meteorological Department Curacao instead of sites like the weather channel, or any other US based site. These sites will forecast rain from September till February. If it rains in Curacao, the showers are usually very local, during the night or early morning hours, which often last no longer than 5 minutes. See as well, our blog post: Do you make these 5 wrong assumptions about the Curacao weather?

Interested in staying with us or what to do in Curacao? Contact us for information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest Curacao vacation rentals.

Curacao vacation rentals, Things to do

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