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Seashells in Curacao

With its many small bays, Curacao is a fantastic island to collect seashells. Although the shells are not that obvious when you walk the beach, they are really there!

Where to find seashells?

You will be able to find a handful of seashells in between the coral rumble on most beaches like Daaibooibaai beach, Porto Mari, Cas Abou, and all the other small beaches on the west side of the island (see Curacao's beaches.... Its best kept secret). Make sure you are early, otherwise other beach combers will take them.

There are some places on the island where not that many people come, and of course you will be able to find more seashells there. Whenever you have to swim to reach a place to look for seashells, make sure you wear water shoes!

Porto Mari Beach

For instance when you are at Porto Mari and get in the ocean at the very west side of the beach. Swim westward and you will see two tiny beaches. There are usually many seashells there.

St. Martha Bay

Another possibility is near St. Martha bay, close to the former Sunset Waters Resort. This used to be a nice beach, but since the resort closed down years ago, there has been a lot of demolition going on. You will be able to find some seashells on this beach, but the best place to find seashells is when you swim to the other side of the bay.

You can park your car on the beach. Make sure that you do not leave any valuables in the car. If you have one of those swimming pool floats available, take it with you. It comes handy when you cross the bay with a heavy bag of seashells.

San Juan

If you don't like to swim to look for seashells, you can also go to the beaches of San Juan. These beaches are a little bit difficult to find. Coming from the east, you will have to drive in the direction of Cas Abou. Pass Cas Abou and you will see an old sign saying "San Juan", if you see "Pannekoek" you missed the sign and are too far.

Go left onto a sandy road, follow the road onto you see an old plantation house. There is an old man here that will have to pay ANG 5. The road is open between 9:00AM and 4:00PM.

There are three beaches, drive to the beach that is called Playa Largu. There are signs, and you will cross the exits to the other two beaches.

The road is bumpy, and not easy to drive. It is best not to go there when it has just rained because you may get stuck.

You can park your car under the trees near the beach. In the weekend, there may be locals BBQ-ing here, but during the week you will usually not see any other people, except some that will walk their dogs.

Klein Curacao

If you really love seashells go to Klein Curacao (meaning small Curacao), the small uninhabited island East of Curacao. There are several tour boat operators that take you there for a day. (see Mermaid boat trips or Bounty Adventures).

Most visitors of Klein Curacao stay at the beach or walk to the east coast. To find seashells, you will have to walk to the north on the west coast. Keep walking beyond where anyone else turns around, and you will find plenty of beautiful seashells.

Make sure you take plenty to drink with you, and wear a cap and sunscreen!

Sorts of Seashells in Curacao

You will be able to find all kind of seashells in Curacao. The photo below is an example of the small seashells I used to find.

There are also lots of bigger size shells:

You are allowed to take all shells home, except the conch shell (see below). The conch shell can be found in many different sizes. No matter what the size is, you are not allowed to take these shells through customs.

Make sure you also don't take any coral. You can get a big fine, when coral will be discovered in your luggage by customs.

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