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Top 10 Tips for Water Activities in Curacao

Whether you're on or in the water, Curacao offers crystal clear waters to swim and play. Get wet and experience the islands vast marine life or discover it from above by kayak or on a tour.

1. Kite surfing

Kite boarding or kite surfing is a very exciting water sport activity. It's a mix of windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing and parasailing. It's also an extreme sport, so it is important to get lessons before practicing this activity on your own.

With its combination of speed, freedom and power, using the natural elements, it's not hard to see why kite surfing has become the world's fastest growing sport activities. Curacao's inland lakes are an excellent place to learn kite surfing.

Kiting Curacao provides lessons, from beginner to experienced kite surfer. They can help you with virtually any aspect of your kitesurfing that you would like to improve. For more information on what you learn during the lessons, have a look at their website.

Kite surfing Curacao Activities

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2. Kayaking Curacao has several professional organizations offering great kayaking tours. Each one provides a wide choice in variety -- from the Spanish Water with its many inlets and sea grass snorkel spots to a full day or sunrise or sunset trip along Curacao's coastline.

3. Sailing

You know how to sail or you wish to take out a sailboat with a skipper? Sailboats are rented out with or without skipper to explore Spanish Water, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Caribbean at Pro-Sail Curacao.

Are you in for a fun and sensational catamaran experience, contact Kiting Curacao.

Sailing Curacao Activities

4. Stand Up Paddle Surfing

SUP Curacao offers guided paddle tours and even paddle surfing based fitness classes. Relax by gently paddling downwind from beach to beach. Use paddle surfing as fitness training, as you target core muscles and get a full body workout exercise on the water. Catch waves, enjoy the surf or add some spice to your yoga routine by doing it on the water!

5. Windsurfing

Windsurfing on Curacao is windsurfing as it was meant to be – riding a great surf on a clear blue sea! Never windsurfed before and think it’s difficult? Give it a try at Windsurfing Curacao, and see for yourself.

Windsurfing Curacao Activities

6. Substation Curacao

Anyone can now discover the sea at a depth of 1.000 feet (320meters). Substation Curacao launches the Curasub, the world's most spectacular certified mini-submarine for tourists.

Curasub descends four times a day from Bapor Kibra to unreachable depths for divers with a maximum of 4 passengers.

On board, submarine passengers make a memorable journey to places where very few people have ever been.

The colorful fish, corals and old shipwrecks are perfectly visible in the crystal clear waters that surround the island of Curacao.

From inside the Curasub passengers have a clear view with visibility of over 60 feet (30m).

7. Aquafari

Move effortlessly underwater in your personal submersible scooter.

Observe a variety of beautiful fishes and watch them as they swiftly disappear among the colorful coral reefs.

No scuba experience is necessary, just sit and enjoy the wonders of the sea. It is fun, safe, and for young and old.

8. Animal Encounters

The encounters allow for a unique interaction with marine animals, as you can feed, interact and observe fish, sea turtles and even sharks in their natural habitats at Sea Aquarium Curacao.

Take friends and family along and go on group encounters with up to 6 participating guests per group.

Family members who do not wish to scuba or snorkel can relax on our patio or enter the "viewing boat" and study the marine life up close.

The boat has special windows at the bottom, allowing you to see your loved ones as they snorkel and feed the sharks.

9. Atlantis Adventures

Explore Curacao's spectacular coral reefs on the Seaworld Explorer, a state-of-the-art semi-submarine.

The vessel does not submerge; you descend into the hull of this cruising underwater observatory and sit in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface of the water, exploring sea life through large, clear glass windows.

Just offshore, from your underwater viewpoint, you can clearly observe a wall dropping sharply to depths of several hundred feet.

You will see dozens of tropical fish such as yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors, parrotfish, and queen angelfish, as well as delicate colonies of coral that were thousands of years in the making.

10. Dolphin Academy

At the Dolphin Academy Curacao visitors get the opportunity to meet dolphins and swim, snorkel or even dive with these special animals in 6 different programs. There are suiting programs for everybody!

For a first meeting there is the Dolphin Encounter, a program for all ages. In this program, visitors get to know the dolphin up close and personal while they are standing on a platform in the water about waist deep.

For the ultimate experience there is the Dolphin Swim. This program offers a unique experience where the dolphin will swim next to the participant so he/she can pet it. The swimmers will also give signals to the dolphins, which will start singing, spinning, waving and much more.

For those who want to submerge themselves in the world of dolphins, there are the Dolphin Snorkel and even a Dolphin Open Water Dive in which participants will dive on a beautiful coral reef together with the dolphins. Website:

Dolphin Academy Curacao

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Curacao vacation rentals

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