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Having Fun at the Ostrich Farm in Curacao

Did you know Curacao has the 2nd largest Ostrich farm in the world? The Ostrich Farm is a unique natural attractions in Curacao, where you can learn about and interact with the world's largest birds.

Have a look around the farm, which has a population of over 600 birds. Other creatures you will see there, are a variety of parrots, peacocks, pot bellied pigs, alligators, sheep and or course the local wildlife.

Curacao Ostrich Farm


It is really fun to take the very entertaining guided truck tour of the grounds and learn a lot about how ostriches live and breed.

You can feed the ostriches from a pan, watch the cute baby ostriches, and have photos taken of you while standing on an ostrich egg. They have a lot of young ostriches on display, anywhere from a few days old to a few months old.

However, the best aspect of the tour is learning about the ecological morals of the farm. Nothing is wasted here - it pretty much all comes full circle. For this reason, it's one of our favourite tourist attractions - it uses proceeds from its earnings to continue educating others about environmental and ecological responsibility.


They have an excellent restaurant on the grounds. Try the ostrich steak if you have time and don't feel too bad about eating an ostrich after having fed them and seen their babies.

Ride an Ostrich

In addition, if you want to do something different and have a blast you can ride ostriches. This has to be arranged at least 2 days prior and is done after the tour. Although the birds are quite uncomfortable to ride, it is a lot of fun.

There are many videos on YouTube of people riding ostriches, and you can determine for yourself if this is worthwhile.

Opening times and fees

The Ostrich Farm is open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Entry into the Ostrich Farm costs $15(USD) for adults and $12(USD) for children between the ages of two and 12. If you'd like to sign up for an Ostrich ride, it will cost $35(USD).

Quad tour

We highly recommend doing a quad tour. The quad tours leave every hour on the hour. You go on a quad tour with an instructor and practice before you start. Many say this has been the best atv/quad tour they have ever been on. You stop about three times to take in a view, hear some historic background and to catch your breath. The terrain is so open and rugged that you kind of can let go and feel like a daredevil. It doesn't feel like a man made path. The views are breathtaking and there's enough space in between each person for you to freestyle. It's lots of fun!

In the neighborhood

While out that way you can also stop at the Aloe Vero Plantation, which is only a mile away, at Serena's Art Factory to see the Chichi's and at St. Joris Bay to watch the kite surfers.

The Ostrich farm is a little bit difficult to find. It is located on the north-east section of the island near the St. Joris Bay. It is best to look it up on Google maps.

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