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The Story Behind Willemstad’s Colorful Buildings.

More and more people are convinced that Curacao is a fantastic vacation destination. The international travel world starts to discover that as well.

Curacao was voted number 2 as one of the top 10 best Caribbean islands in the 2013 USA Today readers’ survey. Also websites like TripAdvisor are a fan of this beautiful Caribbean island. On their website Willemstad can be found in the 10 fantastically colourful places.

Willemstad Curacao

If you have ever visited Willemstad you will certainly not be surprised about this. The vividly painted architecture lining the waterfront in Willemstad is probably the most famous feature of Curacao.

It is said that a former governor of the island mandated that building exteriors be painted any color but white. He suffered from severe headaches, believing his malady was aggravated by the sun’s brilliant reflections off the white buildings.

Despite later discovery that the governor was a shareholder in the island’s only paint store, the tradition of painting in vivid colors has endured, making Willemstad’s Dutch colonial style architecture one of the most stunning sights in the Caribbean.

With over 750 structures in color in Willemstad, it is no wonder that the UNESCO awarded Willemstad the decree of a World Heritage City.

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