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Ryan de Jongh's Kayak Experience

Ryan de Jongh is famous on Curacao. In 2009 it took him only 22 days to kayak from St. Maarten to Curacao over a distance of 997 miles. The years after that he kayaked several times a year around Curacao (99 miles).

Ryan de Jongh

Mangroves The reason for his expeditions is to collect funds for his project on Curacao to re-plant mangrove trees, which were destroyed during the colonial times to built houses. Curacao lost 60% of its mangrove population during his time. The mangroves are very important for Curacao's marine life and for the islands birds. With the help of scientists from the Carmabi Foundation on Curacao, Ryan has found a way to generate new plants and get the right conditions to plant them. Ryan now has planted more than 40,000 mangrove trees. He gives lectures about his project at local schools and takes the youth out on kayak tours to teach them environmental awareness.

Kayak tours To support himself Ryan does guided kayak tours along the coasts of Curacao. There are two different tours:

  • The mangrove tour at Piscadera bay where he shows hidden coves and explains everything about his projects.To schedule a Mangrove Kayak Adventure and help re-plant some mangroves, please visit Carmabi's website.

  • The Blue Room Experience. Curacao's blue room is a unique underwater cave near St. Cruz with perfect turquoise blue water. Check out Curacao Vacation Blogger, Sheedia Jansen's adventure with Ryan at the Blue Room.To schedule the Blue Room Experience visit Brian's Facebook page or give him a cal at +5999-5610-813.

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