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Have You Ever Paddled along Curacao's Amazing Coastline in a Kayak?

Curacao Kayak

In the Netherlands, we used to live along one of those typical Dutch canals, which connected with other canals and lakes. We had kayaks and canoes, which we regularly used to explore the area with our family. Although often cold and wet, it was always a lot of fun. We would take a picnic basket with us or just stop at one of the local restaurants along the water for a drink and a snack. After moving to Curacao, we often talked about how nice it would be to use a kayak to paddle along the shore. Those who know me, know that I am always looking for tucked away beaches where I can find seashells and driftwood to make jewelry and decorations. If you have stayed at Villa Seashell you probably understand why we were hesitant to buy kayaks and paddle in the Caribbean ocean. Although the water on the south coast is calm in bays and at beaches, the waves rock against the coast at those places with cliffs. We were not sure if we would be brave enough kayaking is those wild waves.

When we learned there are special 'sit on tops' ocean kayaks which hardly tip-over and can take 6 feet waves without a problem, we bought a 2 persons kayak. Now we are enthusiastic kayakers and have explored good parts of the Curacao coastline. Curacao's shores are beautiful, and with a 'sit on top' kayak it is easy to withstand the highest waves.

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